Testimonials from previous Kindy whānau:


“Thank you for all the years our whānau have been coming to Kindy. Without the support and advice from the teachers our boys wouldn’t be who they are today. We are so lucky to have found you all.”



“Thank you all for everything you do, for all the reading, for all the care, for all the kindness and for all the support of our precious daughter. We can’t thank you enough.”



“Thank you all so much for your wonderful support over the last years 2 1/2 years. He has really loved his Craighead Kindy experience. You have all helped him develop into a very kind and caring friend. His confidence has grown so much in his time here. We will miss this learning environment.”



“We just want to say thank you and show our appreciation for what you have done for my son. He attended your Kindy for only a couple of months and finished in July. Previously he was a very shy and reserved kid with not much confidence. He is now at school and is absolutely smashing it. He is oozing with confidence and winning awards. We would like to thank you because I believe you and the rest of the staff really helped him with his transition and getting him ready for school. You all do an amazing job.”



“To the wonderful staff, thanks for your kindness, guidance and patience! You are all taonga.”



“A huge thank you and recognition of the significant role you have each played walking alongside our child as they have built confidence beyond our expectations. We know this will increase their resilience and prepare them for life lessons and experiences as their learning and growth continues.”



“Thank you for being such a strong, intelligent and loving bunch of staff. Everyone made my child’s transition into Kindy so much easier for us. She thinks of every member of staff as her family and for that I thank you from the bottom of my heart.”



“We really appreciated and valued you all for supporting us and our child to follow their lead as they became increasingly independent and now ready for school. Thank you for being such a valuable part of our team.”



“Thank you for caring for me. Thanks for letting me play with the tiger hat. I loved writing stories, doing art, the toys and swing and building. Thank you!” – Kindergarten Child voice