About Us

Established in 1976 at Salmond House in Timaru, Craighead Kindergarten then moved in 1993 to our current location at 11 Craighead Street. We run as an Incorporated Society with a Board of Governors and a Home and Kindy Committee. The Home and Kindy Committee is open to all parents/guardians who wish to participate in Kindy events and fundraising. To view the profiles on our fabulous team, click on the images to the right.

Board of Governance

Chairperson James Swaney
Treasurer Kieran Farr
Members Thomas McGeever

Taylor Hayward


Information about the Governance Board and Home and Kindy Committee are located on the foyer noticeboard.

Nichola Rosanowski : Teacher

Nichola Rosanowski


Amy Pateman : Office Manager

Amy Pateman

Office Manager

Lara Swaney : Kaiako/Teacher

Lara Swaney


Melinda Williams : Kaiako/Teacher

Melinda Williams


Kelly : Kaiako/Teacher



Linda Moore : Teacher Aide

Linda Moore

Teacher Aide